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lol so now I can say I’ve officially hooked up with a hot european guy without having to leave the country :P

His owner gave me some treats to feed him. I think we’re BFFs 😛 #felinefrenzy

untitled by tear.drop. on Flickr.

James Fitzgerald III by madebysohn on Flickr.


Largest water reservoir discovered in black hole.
The reservoir holds as much as 140 trillion oceans, or more than 4,000 times more than exists in the entire Milky Way. It exists as vapour spread across hundreds of light years.
While water has been found across much of the universe previously, this is interesting because of the fact this reservoir is 12 billion light years away, meaning that this water existed when the universe was only 1.6 billion years old.

oh my god

Mark of the Senshi

Been meaning to get this up here for a while. I designed a tattoo for a group of friend’s Biker Sailor Moon Cosplay group.Both the tattoo and the group where inspired by the wonderful work of Babs Tarr!
—Alexandro—Facebook / Instagram

(by BricePortolano)

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