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This society is going to become more supremely racist when it is apparently not racist. And that’s where it’s moving to at this point. When a white man tells you, “let’s not put race into this,” he is being the most racist at that point.

You can have a society that removes all public expression on racism. You can have a society were people no longer overtly express racial hatred, and racist statements and behavior is outlawed, but you can still have a system that destroys millions and millions of Black people. Colin Powell and others are the signs of that kind of racism where the Black middle class will be sitting in these jobs and positions defending the system.

You must recognize that racism is not an attitude. It is not a feeling of hatred toward another people. You must understand that racism and white supremacy is in the very structures and values of the institutions of the society itself. And until you revolve and change those structures and attitudes and values you will always be under the bottom.

written by

Dr. Amos N. Wilson explaining racism and predicting the future almost twenty years ago (early 90’s).

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Do try to keep up; you don’t always have to be so slow.
Digital painting commission of Eriol Hiiragizawa for Melissa. 
Qigang Chen - Joie Eternelle
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Don’t touch me if you don’t mean it.
written by The War Boys (2009)

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